WooCommerce SMS Notification​

Create Lexicon software account and buy SMS credits

Create account Lexicon software

Go to the page 


Fill in your details with your real mobile phone because the password will be sent to your mobile phone.

Username and password are what you will need to setup on plugin settings.


Buy / charge your account with SMS

CHARGE YOUR ACOUNT – Important step

Go this this page



Fill in your username and password and CLICK -> “check account”


After you click Account Check, your balance will be displayed above once you have filled in your details correctly.

Once your balance is displayed

then click -> CONTINUE

Select your message package, select VAT and click Card or Paypal


Pay and if you did the process correctly, then the SMS will be automatically credited to your account.

Connect at Dashboard Lexicon software



Go to the page


With the username and password you just received on your mobile you can log in to your Lexicon Software account


You can use this environment to send SMS or whatever else it provides. At this point we are interested in how we charge our account with credit SMS.